2 Unlimited - No Limit

2 Unlimited

Mixed by Ben Liebrand / DMC


2 Unlimited was a Eurodance group formed in 1991 .

2 Unlimited was the brainchild of the Belgian production duo Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde . Their songs were performed by Dutch rapper Ray Slijngaard and singer Anita Doth . 2 Unlimited were the first commercially successful crossover between underground dance music and mainstream pop.

Their first hit, " Get Ready for This ", was released in 1991 and took the European charts by storm, first as an instrumental version, then as a rap version.

They are best remembered for their hit song " No Limit ", which was a world-wide number one hit in 1993 -- hitting that position in 35 countries-- but the group also scored twelve top twenty hits in the United Kingdom , and appeared on Top of the Pops twenty-seven times.

Shortly after releasing a greatest hits album, they split up in 1996 due to conflicts over 2 Unlimited's future: Ray Slijngaard wanted to move more towards rap, whereas Anita Doth wanted the group to become an R&B -inspired group.

Anita Doth started working for Dutch radio station Radio 538 , while Ray Slijngaard tried to launch a solo career, which turned out not to be commercially successful. They are thought not to have spoken to each other since the break up of the group.

A new 2 Unlimited with singers Romy van Ooijen and Marjon van Iwaarden was launched by De Coster and Wilde in 1998 , but they were unable to equal the success of the old 2 Unlimited. Wanna Get Up only made it to thirty-eight in the U.K. In 2002 the new 2 Unlimited also parted ways.

Since then, remixes of "No Limit" and "Tribal Dance" have become moderate hits in the German charts and a DVD featuring all their videos is also available on ZYX Records . Doth is still touring clubs around Europe, performing her old band's greatest hits. She has expressed interest in recording some new material, which inspired fans to set up a petition to get 2 Unlimited to reunite. To date, this has not happened, and their Belgian label, Byte Records, once one of the most powerful dance labels in the Beneluxian region, has reduced its roster to one act.

They are also featured on the Konami dance simulation game Dance Dance Revolution (from 5th MIX onwards) and on the Super Nintendo game, BioMetal, for which they created the entire soundtrack.

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